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After completing my bachelors and masters in medicine, I specialized in pediatric hematology and oncology and subsequently in bone marrow transplant and cellular therapy. Out of my interest in BMT & CT, I went for my further training at The Great North Childrens hospital, Newcastle upon tyne and subsequently at Imperial college London. After completing the fellowship's I returned back to India to cater the needs of patinets in and around the country. 

I belong to a place which has a huge burden of SCD, thus had inherent interest in SCD which was further nurtured while I was being trained at Imperial college London. 

After coming back to India I continued to pursue my interest and tried to develop novel stratagies/protocols which could cater the needs to SCD patinets who undergo alternate donor transplants. We have so far been able to help more than a 100 patients from different parts of the world. 

As we do this, we try to stay abreast with future advances in the field. We have developed some interesting reasearch collaborations with apex institutes in the country to develop novel stratagies for gene manipulation to cure beta hemoglobin disordres. 

I am also very much interested in international collaborations to build of infrasturcture in resource limited settings especially the African continent.