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Professor Fernando F. Costa graduated (1974) and obtained both his MSc (1979) and PhD (1981) degrees from the Ribeir�o Preto School of Medicine of the University of S�o Paulo, where he also served as a faculty member (1985-1989). After completing a postdoctoral training at the Yale School of Medicine (1987-1989), he joined the Department of Internal Medicine of the School of Medical Sciences of the University of Campinas (1990) and became a Full Professor of Hematology and Hemotherapy (1996).
Member of several national and international academic societies, Professor Costa has already published 478 papers in peer-reviewed journals and supervised 36 doctoral theses. He received a decoration from the Government of Brazil (2008) and has been awarded a great number of scientific prizes, including one from the Government of the State of S�o Paulo (2000).
At the University of Campinas, Professor Costa served as Dean of the School of Medical Sciences (1994-1998), Director of the Hematology and Hemotherapy Center (1998-2002), Vice-President for Research (2002-2005) and General Coordinator of the University (2005-2009). He was the president of the University of Campinas from April 2009 to April 2013. Since 2013, he has been Editor-in-chief of the Brazilian Journal of Hematology and Hemotherapy and, from 2012 to 2018, member of the Superior Council of the S�o Paulo Research Foundation (FAPESP).